Coronavirus: health problems push France to postpone the date of mandatory masks to Monday


The French will be forced to wear masks in public spaces closed from Monday, a measure to stem the transmission of coronaviruses in the country.It was revealed on Sunday by the country’s Directorate General for Health – Directorate General for Health, also known as DGS – to the AFP press agency.

The places concerned include meeting and performance halls, cinemas, restaurants, hotels, game rooms, educational centers, holiday centers, libraries, places of worship, indoor sports facilities, museums , stations and airports.

“Shops, shopping centers, administrations, banks and covered markets” have also been added to the list, said the DGS, while masks also remain mandatory in public transport.

Failure to comply with these rules can result in a 4th class fine of € 135, said DGS.

President Emmanuel Macron announced on July 14 that makeup would become mandatory from August 1, but the date was quickly brought forward amid concerns expressed by scientists after “slight signs” of the virus’s resurgence.

“The health situation in France (except Mayotte and Guyana which still suffer the first wave), after several weeks of decline and stabilization of the epidemic, shows signs of a slight deterioration, but still uncertain,” said the DGS , she urges. that everyone be vigilant to avoid an “epidemic rebound”.

The date was also brought forward amid fears the virus could spread through the air – a possibility the World Health Organization has not ruled out.


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