Coronavirus: Fujitsu Announces Permanent Home Work Plan


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Technology firm Fujitsu has announced that it will halve its offices in Japan as it adapts to the “new normal” of the coronavirus pandemic.

He says the Work Life Shift program will provide unprecedented flexibility to its 80,000 workers across the country.

Staff will be able to work flexible hours and work from home will be standard as much as possible.

The announcement follows a similar decision made in May by the social media platform Twitter.

In a statement sent to the BBC, Fujitsu said it “will introduce a new way of working that promises a more empowering, productive and creative experience for employees that will stimulate innovation and bring new value to its customers and to society “.

Under this plan, employees “will mainly start working remotely to achieve a work style that will allow them to flexibly use their time according to their job content, business roles and style of life “.

The company also said the program will allow staff to choose where they work, whether at home, at a large corporate hub, or in a satellite office.

Fujitsu believes that the increased autonomy offered to its employees will help improve team performance and increase productivity.

  • Twitter lets staff work from home “forever”
  • Facebook and Google extend home work

In May, Twitter told staff that they can work from home “forever” if they want to, as the company turns to the future after the coronavirus pandemic.

The social media platform said, “The past few months have shown that we can make it work. So if our employees are in a role and situation that allows them to work from home and they want to continue doing it forever, we will make it happen. ”

At the time, Sree Sreenivasan, Loeb’s visiting professor of digital innovation at the Stony Brook University School of Journalism, said it was “significant news.”

“Some people may not take this seriously because it’s Twitter, but we can learn a lot from Silicon Valley about flexibility in the workplace. There was a mentality that working from home robbed the boss and the time at the office was more important, “he added. .

Earlier this month, Google and Facebook said their staff could work from home until the end of the year.

Google initially said it would keep its domestic politics job until June 1, but extended it by seven months.

His announcement coincided with a similar decision by social media giant Facebook.


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