Coronavirus: European Countries Disapprove of UK People Going There | UK News


Residents of four European countries are more likely to object to tourists from the United Kingdom in summer than visitors to the rest of the continent, according to new research.

More than 61% of the inhabitants of Spain say they would disapprove of UK people on vacation there, according to the survey, compared to between 40% and 54% for vacationers from elsewhere on the continent.

It comes as European countries continue to relax their coronavirus locking measures.

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People Italy, Germany and France are also largely skeptical of British tourists visiting their country, with levels of opposition at 44%, 58% and 55% respectively.

Research also shows that these countries would be more welcoming to travelers from other European countries.

The survey results come as the UK prepares to relax its quarantine rules for incoming travelers, allowing millions of Britons to go on vacation this summer.

A list of more than 75 countries and territories has been liberated by the government, which indicates where English vacationers can travel, without needing to isolate themselves for two weeks on their return.

Spain, Italy, Germany and France are all on this list.

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The Scottish and Welsh decentralized governments have also adopted the same approach, but Scotland’s list contains only 39 countries – and does not include Spain.

Evidence regarding the prevalence of coronavirus in the country has led to the “tough decision,” according to Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon.


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