Coronavirus: Disney gets its hands on Mulan, Avatar and Star Wars following a pandemic | Ents & Arts News


Disney has delayed Mulan’s theatrical debut indefinitely and put the Avatar and Star Wars films on ice for a year.

The decision to withhold the live-action Mulan remake will deal a further blow to movie operators as they struggle to cope with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

It had already been postponed several times since its scheduled release date of March 27.

The Avatar sequel has been postponed for a year until December 2022.

And the next installment in the Star Wars franchise has also been pushed back 12 months until 2023.

Avatar director James Cameron wrote a heartfelt message to fans, saying live filming in New Zealand had started but there was a “long delay” due to the pandemic.

He said what really holds back production is that they can’t continue “most of our virtual production work” on stages in Los Angeles, which is “just as critical for the movies as the live work ”.

“No one is more disappointed with this delay than me”, he added.

Theaters around the world have been closed due to the pandemic, with studios deciding to either delay the release of films by several months – because opening weekends are the most money-making weekends – or them. publish directly to streaming or download platforms.

Smaller films such as Artemis Fowl have landed on Disney Plus, but the studio is unlikely to allow big-hit titles like Mulan to skip their theatrical releases.


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