Coronavirus deaths, cases and hospitalizations in the United States continue to rise | News


The city of Chicago reimposed some coronavirus restrictions on Monday, and the state of Florida reported more than 10,000 new cases for the sixth day in a row, as the coronavirus pandemic raged in the United States.

In a rare ray of hope, New York state reported the fewest hospitalizations from coronavirus in four months and New York entered a new phase of reopening on Monday. But the progress – in the very city and state that was once the epicenter – has been eclipsed by the grim news almost everywhere else.

New York State recorded only eight deaths on Sunday, while the total number of people hospitalized for the disease fell to 716, the least since March 18, said Governor Andrew Cuomo.

But the parameters for the country as a whole have worsened. Thirty-two states reported a record increase in COVID-19 cases in July, while 15 states reported a record increase in deaths. Deaths, hospitalizations and rates of positive test results continue to rise, with at least 15 states reporting record hospitalizations so far in July, according to a Reuters tally.

New York City eased more restrictions as New York State recorded the fewest hospitalizations in four months [Frank Franklin II/The Associated Press]

The virus has killed 140,000 people in the United States and infected an estimated 3.7 million people, the world’s leading double digits.

The leading infectious disease specialist in the United States, Dr Anthony Fauci, has told governors across the country that the best way to manage the coronavirus outbreak – and prevent future outbreaks – is to stick with what he called the “fundamentals,” which include the universal port. face masks, close bars, limit eating indoors, avoid crowds and wash your hands frequently.

Fauci addressed governors on Monday via video conference with members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. The Associated Press obtained a copy of the audio.

Task force coordinator Dr Deborah Birx urged governors to monitor any increase in the percentage of positive cases, saying that means an increase is coming.

Despite growing coronavirus cases in Florida, Walt Disney World opened its theme parks in July [File: Octavio Jones/Reuters]

Florida reported 10,347 new cases on Monday, the sixth day in a row the state has reported more than 10,000 new infections. Another 92 people have died in Florida, bringing the state’s death toll to 5,183.

Under fire for his response, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said over the weekend that COVID-19-related positivity rates and emergency room visits tended to decline in recent weeks.

The state’s teachers’ union sued DeSantis and other officials on Monday, seeking to stop the resumption of classroom instruction, saying it would endanger the health of its members and students.

With school set to resume in August or September, many educators across the country offer only distance learning or limited classroom instruction. Florida allows local school districts to set their own reopening rules.

Chicago ace

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced new restrictions to take effect on Friday, including a ban on indoor service at bars and the closure of personal services such as shaves and facials that require removal masks.

“While we’re not near the peak of the pandemic earlier this year, neither of us want to go back,” Lightfoot said in a statement.

The city of Los Angeles is on the verge of issuing a new stay-at-home order, and California high school athletic authorities have postponed sports such as soccer that normally begin in September through December or January, changing a rite of passage for American youth.

Meanwhile, the administration of US President Donald Trump is pushing for schools to reopen in a few weeks and is resisting the federal mandate that people wear masks in public – part of what Cuomo called a response from the government. “incompetent” federal government.

“I told the president from day one: this virus does not respond to politics,” Cuomo said at a press conference. “The solution is medicine and science. ”

The country has remained “totally unprepared,” Cuomo said, as other states lagged behind in testing, contact tracing and personal protective equipment for doctors and nurses.

Trump said he would resume holding media briefings on the pandemic on Tuesday after a long hiatus.

The president denied trying to downplay the danger in an interview with Fox News on Sunday, accusing China of allowing the virus to escape and criticizing experts for being wrong in their early analysis of the outbreak.

Trump, whose leadership has been criticized in part for his reluctance to wear a mask, tweeted a photo of him with his face covered on Monday.

“We are united in our efforts to defeat the invisible virus from China, and many people say it is patriotic to wear a face mask when you cannot socially distance yourself,” he said. “There is no one more patriotic than me, your favorite president! ”

For months, Trump criticized others for wearing masks and did not publicly appear in a mask until a visit to a military medical facility outside of Washington, DC earlier this month.


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