Coronavirus Could Keep Ghislaine Maxwell Locked Up Longer


Ghislaine Maxwell’s attempt to obtain bail may be delayed by delays associated with the coronavirus in the US prison system.

The alleged Jeffrey Epstein madam could be imprisoned in New Hampshire for weeks before being transferred to New York to be officially brought to justice for child trafficking.

Her bail request could also be compromised by a ten-page detention note indicating that she posed an “extreme” risk of absconding and that there was “convincing evidence of guilt”.

Prosecutors said the 58-year-old woman hid from the FBI by changing the email addresses and phone numbers she registered on “G Max”. Maxwell is believed to be in Merrimack County Jail, which released 13 inmates shortly after a guard was tested positive for coronavirus.

But the Prisons Office is late with sentenced inmates awaiting transfer due to the virus, so a transfer to New York may take a long time.

Ghislaine Maxwell (right), the alleged madam of Jeffery Epstein (left), could be imprisoned in New Hampshire for weeks before being transferred to New York to be officially brought to justice due to delays in the prison system American caused by coronavirus

Maxwell waived his right to contest his transfer to New York on Thursday during a brief appearance in federal court in New Hampshire. It was thought that his legal team would try to bring him before a judge in New York yesterday, before the Independence Day weekend.

But no hearing has been scheduled and it appears Maxwell will spend a long weekend behind bars, as Monday is a federal public holiday and the courts will be closed.

She faces up to 35 years in prison if found guilty and has an “extraordinary incentive to flee” and the means to do so, according to the prosecutor.

Their detention note indicated that between 2016 and today, the FBI found 15 bank accounts in the name of Maxwell with balances ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars to over 20 million dollars (£ 16 million) .

Maxwell would have additional bank accounts in foreign countries with balances of more than $ 1 million.

She transferred large sums of money last year, including $ 300,000 from one account to another in July, the same month, Epstein was charged with sex trafficking.

Maxwell has passports for three countries – Britain, the United States and France – and has taken at least 15 international flights in the past three years, including to Japan and Qatar.

After Epstein was arrested, Maxwell “ceased to appear entirely in public,” says the memo. He says, “Instead, she was hiding in places in New England.

Ghislaine Maxwell spends her first nights in detention in Merrimack County Jail in New Hampshire, photo above

“Furthermore, it appears that she made intentional efforts to avoid detection, in particular by moving places at least twice, by changing her main telephone number (which she registered under the name” G Max “) and his email address, and when ordering packages for delivery with another person listed on the shipping label. ”

The detention memo also states that Maxwell sold a townhouse in New York for £ 12 million in 2016 through a company she owned.

Yesterday, the victims of Epstein, who committed suicide in prison, renewed their attacks on Maxwell, who has always denied any fault. She is accused of having attracted underage girls so that she and the pedophile financier can abuse them.

Jennifer Araoz, who claims that Epstein raped her when she was 14, told ABC News: ‘Epstein and his network of facilitators robbed me. They stole my youth, my identity, my innocence and my own worth.

Her lawyer Daniel Kaiser said, “Ghislaine Maxwell is a monster and she is now in detention. And it’s a very good thing.

“Maxwell was the ringmaster, she was the architect of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex ring. She hid it. She maintained it.


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