Coronavirus cases worldwide are increasing in record numbers, says World Health Organization


The World Health Organization has reported a record increase in global coronavirus cases, with a total increase of 228,102 in 24 hours.

The largest increases were recorded in the United States, Brazil, India and South Africa, according to a daily report.

The previous WHO record for new cases was 212,326 on July 4.

Deaths have remained stable at around 5,000 per day.

Coronavirus cases worldwide exceeded 12 million on Wednesday, according to a Reuters count, marking a new step in the spread of the disease that has killed more than 555,000 people in seven months.

WHO emergency program chief Dr. Mike Ryan said Friday that the coronavirus is unlikely to be eliminated.

“In the current situation, it is unlikely that we will be able to eradicate this virus,” he said during an online briefing from Geneva.

He said by shutting down the infection clusters, the world could “potentially avoid the worst of having second peaks and back off in terms of locking out.”

Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO technical lead for the COVID-19 pandemic, said Friday that aerial transmission of the coronavirus had always been a concern, but that droplets appeared to be the most common route of infection.

“Aerosol transmission has been one of the modes of transmission that we have been concerned about from the start, especially in healthcare facilities … where we know these droplets can be aerosolized – which means they can stay in the air longer, “she said.

WHO released new guidelines on coronavirus transmission on Thursday that recognized reports of airborne transmission but did not confirm that it spreads through the air, a route that cannot be blocked by social isolation now common in the world.

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