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A Scottish pilot who had been on respiratory assistance for more than two months in Vietnam is returning home.

Stephen Cameron, 42, was once Most critical Vietnam COVID-19[feminine[feminine patient but has now been told that he is virus free and healthy enough to return to Scotland.

He had spent 65 days in intensive care and the doctors had at one point considered a transplant because his lungs were 90% damaged and non-functional.

Doctors applauded coronavirus survivor
Stephen Cameron was known as
Stephen Cameron was known as “Patient 91”

Cameron was the last intensive care patient in Vietnam, and his recovery means that the country has yet to experience any deaths from COVID-19.

He is known in Vietnam as “Patient 91” after being the 91st person in the country to confirm coronavirus.

“Chances are I shouldn’t be here, so I can only thank everyone here for doing what they did,” Cameron said in a video posted by Cho Ray Hospital where he has been treated.

Sitting in a wheelchair surrounded by a group of doctors, he added, “I go home with a happy heart because I come home, but it is sad that I leave so many people here that I am friends with. ”

Dr. Tran Thanh Linh, Deputy Chief of Critical Care at Cho Ray Hospital, described Mr. Cameron’s recovery as “like a very long flight”.

“But he did it,” said Linh, adding that Cameron was now virus-free and breathing normally without any support.

Pilot released from hospital on Saturday
Pilot released from hospital on Saturday

Cameron was taken by ambulance to Ho Chi Minh City airport after he was released from hospital on Saturday.

He had to go to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, before taking a flight to London and landing on Sunday morning.

Ambulance took 42-year-old man to airport
Ambulance took 42-year-old man to airport

The 42-year-old was working for the national carrier Vietnam Airlines when he tested positive for coronavirus in March.

It has been linked to a cluster of cases in a bar in Ho Chi Minh City, resulting in two dozen infections.

Vietnam has reported 370 cases of coronavirus and has found no locally transmitted infection in nearly three months.

All recent cases are people infected abroad and placed in government quarantine facilities.


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