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Sinn Féin is accused of having endangered the struggle in Northern Ireland against Covid-19 after that its officers would have violated the guidelines and regulations directing hundreds of mourners at the funeral of a commander of the IRA.The police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has said that it will consider the images of the funeral of Belfast on Tuesday which drew over a thousand people, in apparent violation of the rules limiting gatherings in the open air to 30 people.

Mary Lou McDonald and Gerry Adams, the leaders of the current and former respective of Sinn Féin, and Michelle O’neill, a deputy chief who is also deputy first minister of Northern Ireland, have attended to the sending of Bobby Storey, a veteran republican figure of the IRA.

Politicians of other parties sharing the executive power with Sinn Féin at Stormont were accused of undermining efforts to contain the pandemic of sars coronavirus. The minister of Health, Robin Swann, said:

What we see … was a violation of the guidelines that have been issued and have been worked by the executive and have been supported by the executive. I sincerely hope that this is not Dominic Cummings in Northern Ireland because in our health services, we can’t afford it.

It was a reference to the adviser to Downing Street, which made long journeys during the locking of England.

Naomi Longthe minister of Justice and leader of the Alliance party, said in a tweet that when the leaders of the development of the rules, broke the rules, it was more harmful ” to all those who made huge sacrifices to obey the regulations.”

Naomi Long MLA

As I said too many times to count, I recognize that funerals are a sensitive subject. People want to pay tribute to their loved ones and support the family in their time of grief.

But COVID-19 does not recognize anything of all this. Gather in crowds for any reason is dangerous. 1/2

June 30, 2020

Naomi Long MLA

Many families have endured only to be expensive to save lives. When others ignore the rules, this worsens their pain, and their pain.

And when those who set the rules, break the rules, it is even more offensive to all those who have made huge sacrifices to obey the regulations.

June 30, 2020

O’neill, who is expected to face tough questions Wednesday at Stormont, has defended his presence at the funeral and said that it was in compliance with the rules and regulations.

The procession consisted of “30 people maximum” and the service inside the church of St Agnes was “exemplary” in terms of social distancing and hygiene, with only three people per bench, she said to the Irish News. “Everything was done according to the guidelines. ”

The easing of restrictions lock has prompted the marching loyalists of the Orange Order to ask for permission to hold parades are traditional for this month.

This long article from the Irish Times Gerry Moriarty explains why Storey was so important to the IRA.

A crowd listens to former president of Sinn Féin Gerry Adams speaking yesterday at the funeral of Bobby Storey to the cemetery on Milltown road in west Belfast. Photograph: Liam McBurney / PA


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