Coronavirus: British Columbia restaurants tighten current guidelines – BC


The pressure is back in British Columbia to stop the recent increase in COVID-19 cases.The restaurant industry is now taking steps to ensure that restaurants and similar places meet the guidelines and to ensure that customers adhere to those measures.

Recent cases of infection and exhibits have been linked to restaurants, bars, large parties and festival-like gatherings.

BC health officials use contract tracking in Kelowna’s COVID-19 outbreak

BC health officials use contract tracking in Kelowna’s COVID-19 outbreak

The president of the BC Restaurant and Food Service Association said British Columbians were getting complacent.

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“It’s a good thing to put the pressure on and raise awareness and that’s a warning. We were seeing numbers low and saying the risk was not there, but the risk is there and it is high, ”said Ian Tostenson.

The focus on exhibits in restaurants has led to the need for more stringent guidelines, which are expected to be reduced later this week.

“It’s much more of a directive. It’s going to say: “you go to a restaurant, no more than six people. You go to your table, you have fun, maybe you use the bathroom, you go back to your table and you leave. It is impossible to go to the bar, have a few cocktails and mingle with other tables.

He has heard that some have complained that people are getting too close in restaurants and urges people who don’t feel comfortable bringing their concerns to the company or WorkSafe BC.

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Coronavirus outbreak in British Columbia fast food restaurant: a “wake up call”: Henry

“We also need to have an audience that appreciates what the restaurant is doing and not push the system, the system can’t be pushed because public safety is too important.

Tostenson admitting the risk of going back and the possibility of shutting down the restaurant service a second time is a wake-up call.

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And as health officials warn us of the potential for “explosive growth” of COVID-19 cases, a professor and infectious disease specialist at the University of British Columbia also agreed that many have become complacent.

Dr Srinivas Murthy said fewer people are paying attention to rules, and reducing reopening plans is a tool that could be used soon if B.C.’s infection rates continue to rise, especially in large gatherings.

“I wouldn’t say at this point in time that it’s time to reverse all of our reopening strategies. That being said, if people continue to have large-scale community transmission, then that will be the next step, ”said Murthy.

Coronavirus: Regulations for reopening restaurants in British Columbia

Coronavirus: Regulations for reopening restaurants in British Columbia

BC’s top doctor has expressed concern over the number of new cases that appear to be linked to larger parties and public gatherings.

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On Monday, Ms Bonnie Henry said the government wanted to avoid going back on the plan to reopen the province.

“What we’re trying to do, and what we’ve done from the start here in BC, is take a measured approach so you don’t have to go back. We don’t want to have to start closing things again unless it is absolutely necessary.

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