Coronavirus: Anti-mask activists protest against order to cover faces | UK News


They say they are not “anti-masks” but “pro-choicers”, and their choice is not to wear a mask.

On Friday it will be mandatory to wear a face mask or blanket in shops and supermarkets in England as part of public health policy to combat COVID-19[feminine[feminine. Those who fail to do so could be fined up to £ 100.

But the hundred people gathered in Hyde Park on Sunday coronavirus legislation as a crackdown on our civil liberties.

None wore masks and there was no attempt to maintain social distancing. Instead, people hugged each other for photos in front of signs, wanting others to “spread love, not fear.”

They carried signs urging others to “spread love, not fear”
Protesters say restrictions undermine civil liberties

It was organized by a group called Keep Britain Free. There were retirees, families and babies. They gathered to hear speakers citing research they said was proof of masks’ ineffectiveness in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

It was in a good mood, but there were some who saw us as a target, since we were wearing masks. Two women with a baby accused me of pushing a government program designed to maintain order and bring fear to the public.

Clare Wills-Harrison, one of the organizers, said that the demonstrators “campaigned for the return of our rights and freedoms”.

“The imposition of masks sixteen weeks after the pandemic is absolutely ridiculous and makes no scientific sense,” she said, adding, “We are talking about many other issues, not just masks, it is not only that. ”

The government believes that using face masks in stores will give people the confidence to spend money. These protesters insist the opposite is true.

They also say that the World Health Organization is wrong to believe that face masks could act as a barrier against potentially infectious droplets.

“There are many conflicting scientific views on the effectiveness of masks,” Ms. Wills-Harrison said.

“The World Health Organization has changed its mind several times, as has the CDC,” she added, referring to the US Center for Disease Control.

moore mask explicator

The science behind face masks

The World Health Organization, then public health authorities around the world, changed his guidelines regarding the wearing of face masks in June, in accordance with the development of scientific evidence, he said.

The British government has followed suit, stating that while the evidence around wearing a face mask suggests that it “does not protect you” from coronavirus, it could “provide some protection for others with whom you are in contact.” close contact ”.

The idea is that if we all wear face masks, we will protect each other and therefore ourselves.

Evidence of blankets preventing the spread of infection from one person to another is “marginal but positive,” according to the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, which advises the government.

Those who share the protestors’ point of view are adamant, they are right. But judging by the numbers at Hyde Park on Sunday, they are also very much in the minority.

So there is no sign of a cultural war in Britain yet over the use of face masks.


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