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Amanda Rafkin: Always a pleasure to be back in the New York Times! I hope everyone is well, sane and healthy, and continues to fight for social justice if necessary.

Speaking of which, there are a handful of wonderful people in the puzzle community who are making donation puzzles, so if you’re looking for a way to do good while getting your hands on some amazing puzzles, look no further far as the the following list:

1) Erik Agard is raising money for 1StruggleKC. If you go to the website and send Erik a screenshot of your donation receipt to [email protected], he will send you some of his new crosswords.

2) Paolo Pasco raises funds for the Black Lives Matter cause of your choice in exchange for a handful of puzzles from different manufacturers. Here are the details on how to donate, as well as the puzzles you will receive.

3) Eric Berlin raises funds for Feeding America with his “Social Distancing Puzzle” pack: “11 puzzles difficult to solve with a partner, via Zoom or in the same room”. Here are instructions on how to donate and receive the puzzles. Your donation will give you two puzzle packs (one for each solver) and a third file with tips and solutions.

4) Lone Shark Games has put together a “Marching Bands For The Marchers” puzzle pack. When you donate to Campaign Zero to end police violence, you receive your puzzle pack.

And if you are looking for additional puzzles to solve while staying at home, I publish new puzzles on my site every day.

Ross Trudeau: My payment for today’s puzzle goes to Violence in Boston, Inc.

If you are looking to get started in crossword building, and especially if you identify yourself as a person of color, as a woman or as an LGBTQ, I would be happy to offer any help possible to help you to publish your puzzles. Contact me via Twitter, Instagram or

Resolution almost complete but need a bit more help? We have what you need.

Warning: there are spoilers coming, but subscribers can take a look at the answer.

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