Coleen Nolan calls Denise Welch “really annoying” in spit over calls to ban outdoor smoking areas


Coleen Nolan called the co-star of Loose Women “really, really boring” as the two men clashed in a quarrel over calls to ban smoking outside bars, cafes and restaurants. Hosting Monday’s ITV, host Andrea McLean spoke about a number of councils in England wanting to ban smoking outside reception areas as restrictions remain to people inside due to coronavirus.

Smoking was of course banned in public places 15 years ago, but smoker Coleen said that would “finish him off,” explaining, “There are so many rules to remember right now, so for people who smoke, to take it off … I don’t drink … so that would finish me off.

“If you don’t like it, stay away!” “

Disagree, Denise, who quit smoking seven years ago, said, “I’ve become Coleen’s most annoying person in the sense that I’m a reformed smoker … I just need to walk past people who smoke and the smell makes me sick.

“I can’t stand drunk people anymore, I don’t drink and it’s the same with smokers. I would secretly love it to be banned. ”

Speaking to Coleen, Denise added, “This is your opportunity to stop Coleen. You say for years … you have to give it up. ”

An unimpressed Coleen replied, “Very well…. move on. ”

Denise then added, “More and more people are out there now… I know I’m boring Coleen,” to which Coleen interrupted, “Yes… very annoying!” I admire you, you have given up everything, you have been incredible and you look fabulous but I am not yet ready to give it up. ”

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Viewers of Loose Women were also divided. On Denise’s side, one of them tweeted, “I’m a 24-year-old former smoker. I feel the same as @RealDeniseWelch

Cigarettes now smell absolutely disgusting. It’s not good when people go out to smoke but smoke at the entrance to anywhere. I don’t like trying to get them in and out of where it can be, “but another responded,” Just make sure they’re not near the entry and exit doors. ”


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