Cold comfort: France will ban heated terraces, but not this winter


France, like other European countries, is facing a slow but worrying resurgence of the epidemic. There have been around 800 new cases a day on average over the past two weeks, up from 500 a day the week before, with authorities reporting around 100 active clusters of the virus, which officials say could foster a second wave of the virus. nationwide infections.

“We need more time to adapt,” said Benezet. “We must not be sacrificed in the name of ecology.”

The ban is part of a series of environmental measures that will be introduced in the coming months, such as encouraging building owners to improve insulation and prohibiting them from installing coal or oil-fired boilers in new homes. .

Certain measures, including the ban on heated terraces, are the direct result of the proposals for a citizens’ convention on the climate that Mr. Macron put in place after the yellow vests protests in 2019, with the aim of balancing policies economic with long-term environmental objectives.

At the end of June, just after the Green Party won a landslide victory in the municipal elections that put the French government to the test, Mr Macron pledged € 15 billion, or around $ 18 billion, to pay for environmental proposals.


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