Coinbase says it halted more than $ 280,000 in Bitcoin transactions during Twitter hack


Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange said it had prevented around 1,100 customers from sending bitcoins to hackers who had access to high-level Twitter accounts last week.

Last Wednesday, more than 100 Twitter accounts, some owned by large corporations like Apple and figures like Vice President Joe Biden and Bill Gates, were hacked in a massive coordinated Bitcoin scam. According to Twitter, the hackers were able to convince some company employees to use internal systems and tools to access accounts and help hackers defraud users by sending them bitcoin.

According to Forbes, Coinbase and other cryptocurrency exchanges have been able to prevent some customers from sending bitcoin to hackers by blacklisting the hacker’s wallet address. Specifically, Coinbase says it blocked just over 1,000 customers from sending around $ 280,000 worth of bitcoin during last Wednesday’s attack. About 14 Coinbase users sent around $ 3,000 worth of bitcoin to the scam bitcoin address before the company went blacklisted, the company said.

“We noticed the scam and started blocking transactions within minutes of the first wave of scam messages,” a Coinbase spokesperson said. The edge Monday.

Twitter accounts belonging to cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance and Gemini, were also targeted in the attack on Wednesday. Coinbase’s chief information officer said Forbes On Sunday, he learned of the scam shortly after tweets were posted to other exchanges’ accounts.

Twitter is still investigating the Wednesday attack on Monday. The company posted a blog post on Friday confirming that 130 accounts were targeted and the hackers were able to initiate a password reset, sign in to the account, and send tweets for 45 of those accounts. Twitter also said the hackers were able to download account data belonging to eight unverified users.


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