Coco Austin Says “Family Collapses” As Father Fights COVID-19


Coco Austin shoots for his father as he fights for his life in an Arizona hospital after contracting COVID-19.Ice-T, the wife of the “Law & Order: SVU” star, went on social media earlier this week to share the news that she was “tough as a beef daddy, the one who doesn’t never go to the doctor, the one who never takes Tylenol for the pain, the one who never gets sick ”, was hospitalized.

Austin, his 63-year-old father, said, “Has trouble breathing and feels like he is stabbed with pins all over his body. “

“I just want him to get out of it,” she said in an interview with Page six.

“I have sent as much love as possible, but there is not much I can do remotely,” she added. “I want to be in the room with him right now and hold his hand, and let him know that his family loves him, to get through, and it’s too early for him.” ”

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Austin says his father may need to be put on a fan. “He’s at the point where he can’t even speak anymore,” she said. “He can’t even say a word. For him, saying “no” or “yes” is so difficult that I have to use texting now, and today he doesn’t even want to send texting anymore. He is so frustrated that he is in this position that he does not want to get on the phone. ”

She added, “It is not beautiful. I would have liked to have had better results today. ”

Austin said Page six that she and her husband went to Arizona to escape the difficult situation in New York when the virus was at its peak. Now, however, she finds herself in one of the new hot spots of the American coronavirus.

“We think here that we came to Arizona to escape the madness of New York and New Jersey, and I have the impression that we have engulfed it in the peak that has just happened here,” he said. she said, noting that two of her aunts were also diagnosed with COVID-19.

“It’s like, ‘Oh my God, like, my family is falling apart,'” she admitted.

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Her motivation to open up to her father’s condition, she said, was “to let people know that I didn’t feel like my family could be affected.” And to find out that the healthiest person in this family is about to get ventilated, they talk about it, which is really difficult because I’m pretty much the next of kin. I have a very large family and they left it to me to make these decisions, so it was very difficult to even have to talk about it. ”

She ended the interview with a few key tips. “Hide it!” She said. “How difficult is it to hide it?” “

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