Clinton, Maxwell and the inner story of their trip to Britain


“Jeffrey is both a very successful financier and a committed philanthropist with a keen sense of world markets and an in-depth knowledge of 21st century science,” he said. New York magazine through a spokesperson. “I particularly appreciated his ideas and his generosity during the recent trip to Africa to work on democratization, empowerment of the poor, services to citizens and the fight against HIV / AIDS.”Last year, Clinton – against whom there is no charge – stepped away from Epstein firmly. Angel Ureña, his spokesperson, said on Twitter that the former president knew nothing about Epstein’s “terrible crimes”.

“He has not spoken to Epstein in more than a decade, and has never been to Little St James Island, Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico, or his residence in Florida,” said Ureña , noting that Mr. Clinton was accompanied by Secret Service and other staff “at every stage of each trip.”

At the end of the Africa tour, the party arrived in London, where the Duke invited Mr. Clinton, Spacey and Maxwell to visit Buckingham Palace. There is no record of the visit on the Court’s circular, which details all the official engagements of the members of the royal family, suggesting that it was an unofficial and impromptu case organized by the Duke for his friends.

The throne room is normally accessible only through public tours of the palace or during state visits and official royal functions, and for anyone other than the Queen or The Duke of Edinburgh to sit on the chairs is unthinkable and would invite disciplinary action if it was a staff member, according to sources close to the Palace.

The estate chair Maxwell sits on is embroidered with “EIIR” and was used by the Queen at the start of her coronation at Westminster Abbey, until she was crowned and transferred to the throne chair . Spacey is seated on the accompanying succession chair, made after the coronation by Mayfair White Allom and Company for the Duke of Edinburgh.

Rumors had previously circulated about the visit to the Palace, although officials had dismissed them, saying that the Duke of York had “no memories of it.”

Epstein is not thought to have been present during the visit of Mr. Clinton and the others, but he had previously visited Sandringham and Windsor Castle, with Maxwell, as a guest of the Duke.

In June 2000, Epstein and Maxwell were on a star guest list at a party hosted by the Queen in Windsor.

The Dance of the Decades event marked four royal anniversaries, including the Duke’s 40th. The Duke, the Queen’s third child, later told the BBC that Epstein was there at his invitation, not that of the royal family, and was to some extent Mrs. Maxwell’s “plus one”.

In December of the same year, the Duke held a surprise birthday party at Maxwell in Sandringham, the Queen’s estate in Norfolk, with Epstein among the guests.

He described it in the BBC interview as a “shooting weekend”.

Regarding the trip to Buckingham Palace two years later, Maxwell was again invited as a friend of the Duke while, according to a source, Spacey was a guest of Mr. Clinton.

“They were dragging themselves on the thrones, making royal waves,” said the source. “Ghislaine was seated on the Queen’s throne with Spacey posing as the Duke of Edinburgh. No one can remember if the Duke was actually in the throne room at the time, but he was responsible for the visit. ”

A year before the photograph of the palace, the duke appeared with Maxwell in another photo.

He showed it with his arm around a 17-year-old boy named Virginia Roberts, now Virginia Giuffre, at the Maxwell house in Belgravia, a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace.

Ms. Giuffre says the photograph was taken by Epstein the night she claims to have been presented by him to the Duke. She claims that she and the Duke had dinner, dance and drink at the Tramp nightclub in London before having sex that night. The Duke has always denied his claims.

Ten months later, Maxwell posed again for the camera, this time at the very heart of the British establishment. What a difference with the photograph of Buckingham Palace now.


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