Claims of Chinese territory in Bhutan, Indian Ladakh “testing” the world, according to the United States


Indian and Chinese troops have been locked in a bitter stalemate in Ladakh since May 5. (File photo)

China’s land claims to Bhutan and the recent incursion into Indian land indicate their intentions, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Thursday, adding that Beijing under Preisdent Xi Jinping was trying to find out whether other countries would back down. .

Indian and Chinese troops have been locked in a bitter standoff in several areas along the line of effective control in eastern Ladakh since May 5. The situation deteriorated last month following clashes in the Galwan Valley which left 20 Indian army dead.

China recently claimed the Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary in Bhutan to the Board of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and opposed funding for the project.

“I think the actions are quite consistent with what they’ve been signaling to the world for decades, you might even argue since 1989, but certainly since Secretary-General Xi (Jinping) came to power,” Pompeo said. to members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee at a Congressional Hearing on Thursday.

The secretary of state said China wants to expand its power and reach.

“They talk about bringing socialism with Chinese characteristics to the world. The claims that they have now made for real estate in Bhutan, the foray into India, are indicative of Chinese intentions, and they are testing, they are probing the world. to see if we will resist their threats and bullying, ”Pompeo said.

“I’m more confident that the world was ready to do this a year ago. There is still a lot of work to be done and we have to be serious about it, ”said the senior American diplomat.

In his testimony, Pompeo told lawmakers that India had banned 106 Chinese apps that threatened the privacy and security of its citizens.


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