Chris Hemsworth NOT HAPPY with Natalie Portman after he is replaced by Thor by her


Avengers Endgame peaked in the long-lasting arc of Infinity Saga, but with the culmination resulted in the end of several big players. Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans have already confirmed that the endgame was their apparent endgame with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The next actor likely to follow is Chris Hemsworth, who plays the mighty Thor.Several reports claim that the actor has already started to feel dissatisfied with Marvel’s future plans. However, Hemsworth is not the only actor who is upset by the famous franchise’s future plan. Chadwick Boseman, who plays the king of Wakandan, Black Panther, is also not satisfied with the future predicted by Kevin Feige and the team for him.

Marvel Studios is moving forward to create more diversity in the cinematic universe. They are apparently planning female-focused superhero films rather than male films. In addition to introducing standalone films based on female superheroes, Marvel Studios plans to transform films currently being led by men into female roles.

Kevin Feige has confirmed the return of Natalie Portman, who had previously played Jane Foster in previous Thor films. Marvel Studios also confirmed that she will appear as Lady Thor in the film, which means that she will take the beloved Thor Odinson coat. Fans have already criticized the plan, and now it looks like someone doesn’t support the new ideas either.

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We Got This Covered reported – via their strong source – that the 36-year-old actor was upset that he was removed from the spotlight. The idea that hurts the actor the most is that the studio tries to eclipse it from its own franchise. Hemsworth mentioned that he had started to like the growth of Thor after Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers – since the first two movies hadn’t gotten a lot of public attention.

The introduction of Natalie Portman in the next Thor: Love and Thunder will clearly affect the importance of Thor. Hemsworth admitted he was disappointed that he was going to be forced to go out at a time when his character is extremely popular.

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