Chinese virologist who fled to the United States has vowed to topple ALL secrets of the coronavirus after claiming a cover-up


A virologist and whistleblower from HONG KONG says many lives could have been saved if the Chinese government had not censored his work.

Li-Meng Yan, a scientist at the Hong Kong School of Public Health, said she fled to the United States to reveal the truth about a concealment of the coronavirus epidemic in Beijing.

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Virologist Yan Li-Meng says she is hiding in a secret place after fleeing Hong KongCredit: Fox News
Virologist says lives could have been saved if Chinese government hadn’t censored his workCredit: AFP or licensors

Since the coronavirus epidemic caught the world’s attention earlier this year, the Chinese government has been accused of trying to silence anyone who had previously tried to sound the alarm.

Li-Meng Yan Now Determined to Report Chinese Government for Allegedly Heard of New Coronavirus Before Publicly Recognizing the Epidemic

Speaking to reporter Bill Hemmer, Yan warned of the global pandemic “we don’t have much time”.

The virologist said, “This is a huge pandemic that we have seen around the world. ”

“It is more than anything we have known in human history. So timing is very, very important. If we can stop it early, we can save lives. ”

The former virology specialist said she feared being killed for speaking in China and chose to flee to the United States, where she is currently hiding in an undisclosed location.

Yan is now determined to speak out against the Chinese government for allegedly hearing about the new coronavirus before publicly acknowledging the epidemic.

She told Fox News, “The reason I came to the United States is because I carry Covid’s message of truth.

“If I say it in Hong Kong, by the time I start saying it, I will be missing and killed. ”

According to Yan, the Chinese Communist Party and senior academic staff suppressed evidence that the coronavirus could be transmitted between humans as early as last December.

Yan, who grew up in mainland China, said she was among the first scientists to investigate a small number of cases in Wuhan.

One of Hong Kong's best virologists, Dr. Li Meng-Yan, supported claims that China has tried to hide the coronavirus11
One of Hong Kong’s best virologists, Dr. Li Meng-Yan, supported claims that China has tried to hide the coronavirusCredit: Fox News
Coronavirus is believed to originate from a wet market in Wuhan, China


Coronavirus is believed to originate from a wet market in Wuhan, ChinaCredit: Getty Images

She says her supervisor first asked her to conduct a “secret” investigation into a new “SARS-like” virus in Wuhan on December 31 of last year.

Yan said, “The Chinese government has refused to ask foreign experts, even in Hong Kong, to do research in China. ”

“So I turned to my friends for more information. ”

She said that she then spoke to a number of contacts, including one who worked at the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

She said that the friend told her about an unknown virus that had emerged in Wuhan and that “family clusters”, an indicator of human-to-human transmission, had been observed.

He was also told that the number of cases would increase exponentially.

She says that when she reported to her supervisor, she was told to “keep quiet and be careful”.

“He warned me …” Don’t touch the red line, “” said Dr. Li, referring to Beijing’s unspoken limits on such investigations.

People walk in a subway station in Beijing11
People walk in a subway station in BeijingCredit: Reuters
People line up for coronavirus testing in Beijing


People line up for coronavirus testing in BeijingCrédits: Getty Images – Getty

“” We will be in trouble and we will disappear “. ”

The scientist says it is information that she believes could have saved lives.

Yan said the Chinese government has refused to let foreign experts, including those from Hong Kong, conduct research in China.

Yan explained, “I have to hide because I know how they treat whistleblowers, and as a whistleblower here, I want to tell the truth about Covid-19 and the origin of the Covid SARS-2 virus. ”

Doctors reported being detained after talking on social media about what they witnessed, while journalists said they were harassed and confiscated their equipment after trying to report on the matter.

Unhappy whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang tried to warn the world of the killer virus, but received a frightening letter from the police before he died.

The cops told Wenliang “if he refused to repent, he would be punished” shortly before he was killed by the deadly virus.

Yan told Hemmer that she had communications records with others in China and stressed that she feared for her life.

Chinese coronavirus whistleblower, Dr. Li Wenliang, died of illness11
Chinese coronavirus whistleblower, Dr. Li Wenliang, died of illnessCredit: EPA
Chinese Students and Supporters Hold Memorial for Dr. Li Wenliang


Chinese Students and Supporters Hold Memorial for Dr. Li WenliangCredit: AFP or licensors
A floral tribute is paid after the death of Dr. Li Wenliang


A floral tribute is paid after the death of Dr. Li WenliangCredit: EPA

She said, “I know how they treat whistleblowers. ”

« [They want] Silence people if they want to reveal the truth, not only about COVID-19, but also for the other things that are happening in China. ”

“I’m waiting to say everything I know, to provide all the evidence to the US government.”

She continued, “And I want them to understand, and I also want the American people to understand how terrible it is. It is not what you saw. It is something very different.

“We have to hunt for the real evidence and get the real evidence because it is a key to stopping this pandemic. We do not have much time. ”

A spy file revealed that China had lied to the world about the coronavirus while covering the epidemic.

President Xi Jinping's government criticized for handling the coronavirus pandemic11
President Xi Jinping’s government criticized for handling the coronavirus pandemicCrédit: Alamy Live News
WHO Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus


WHO Director-General, Tedros Adhanom GhebreyesusCredit: Reuters

A 15-page document, obtained by the Australian newspaper The Saturday Telegraph, laid the groundwork for an ongoing case against China for its management of the deadly disease.

The file, Five Eyes intelligence agencies in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, said that China’s secrecy surrounding the virus led to an “attack against international transparency ”.

He said, “Despite evidence of human-to-human transmission since early December, Chinese authorities deny it until January 20. “

“The World Health Organization is doing the same. However, Taiwan officials expressed concern as early as December 31, as did Hong Kong experts on January 4. ”

On January 14, weeks after the alleged evidence, the World Health Organization declared that there was “no clear evidence” of the human-to-human transmission of COVID-19.

According to Johns Hopkins University, there have been 13,113,181 confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide and 573,288 deaths.

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