China ‘to launch UK blitz with devastating cyber attack called cyber 9/11’ – World News


China could launch a catastrophic online attack on Britain – dubbed a “cyber 9/11” – after a “perfect storm” of diplomatic feuds between London and Beijing.These arguments, coupled with tech giant Huawei and Covid-19, could lead to a total attack by Chinese-backed hackers, the ministers said.

They would cripple computer networks, cause power cuts to phones and power, and shutdown hospitals, government and businesses.

A decision by Huawei had offered to help build Britain’s ultra-fast 5G mobile network, but the British government recently announced a U-turn.

Australia was hit by a large-scale sustained cyber attack after adopting a similar hard line.

Vodafone UK launched its 5G mobile data network in London last year

Boris Johnson, however, has made the Chinese Communist Party furious at its firm stand on Beijing’s crackdown on Hong Kong freedoms and calls for an investigation into the true source of the coronavirus, which is suspected of having accidentally fled from a laboratory. Wuhan.

A senior minister said, “Obviously, this is part of our conversations. But at the same time, all of the risks must be considered as part of the cycle. Huawei is a threat and failing to act accordingly risks national security. However, actions have consequences and they cannot be reduced. ”

Security Minister Conor McGinn said on Sunday that “In this period of heightened tension, the government must be alert to the risk of cyber attacks from hostile states and prepare for them.” Our essential national infrastructure should be ready and capable of repelling such an attack on the United Kingdom. ”

But the National Cyber ​​Security Center in Britain says it does not expect an increase in attacks.

Global strategist Dr. Alan Mendoza of the Henry Jackson Society’s foreign policy think tank said: “Far from being a benign friend, China is a strategic competitor who has the wherewithal to strike at the heart of our infrastructure. become an urgent priority for the government in order to avoid a possible crisis. ”


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