China prepares for massive attack on UK – Westminster on alert as tensions soar | United Kingdom | News


High-level sources have warned that Beijing is capable of launching an overwhelming devastating attack by state-backed hackers amid mounting tensions. The threat comes after it appeared, Boris Johnson was planning a U-turn that would see Huawei start Britain’s ultra-fast 5G mobile network program.

Relations also fell apart over Beijing’s imposition of draconian security laws in Hong Kong and London’s calls for an investigation into the true source of the coronavirus.British security sources have warned that state-sponsored cyber attacks could cause telephone and power outages, and shut down hospitals, government and businesses.

Officials at the National Cyber ​​Security Center in Britain have said they do not expect an increase in attacks, but the ministers believe there could be brutal retaliation if London stands up to Beijing.

A minister told the Mail on Sunday: “Obviously, this is part of our conversations.

“But at the same time, all the risks have to be looked at as part of the cycle. Huawei is a threat and not taking action threatens national security.

“Actions, however, have consequences and cannot be discounted. ”

Ghost Security Minister Conor McGinn said, “In this time of heightened tension, the government must be alert to the risk of hostile state cyber attacks and prepare for it.”

“Our essential national infrastructure should be ready and able to repel such an attack on the United Kingdom. ”

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Johnson is set to set a deadline of 2025 to remove equipment made by Huawei in China from the country’s 5G telecommunications networks.

The company, described by critics in the United States as part of “the military wing of the Chinese Communist Party”, is already blocked from the most sensitive parts of the system and the government wants its complete withdrawal within five years.

Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood, former defense minister, said: “Any idea that we can trust China must surely have been dispelled following his initial – and disastrous – attempts to hide the COVID pandemic. -19.

“The lifestyle we take for granted is threatened. “

Canberra never named China responsible, but officials concluded that the attack was linked to tensions with Beijing. China has denied any involvement.

Global strategist Dr. Alan Mendoza, of the Henry Jackson Society’s foreign policy think tank, told the Mail on Sunday: “Far from being a benevolent friend, China is a strategic competitor who has the means to strike at the heart. of our infrastructure.

“Putting China to the test of our critical systems must now become an urgent priority for the government in order to avoid a possible crisis. “


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