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Actress Julia Sawalha has announced that she will not resume her role in the sequel to Chicken Run, saying the filmmakers have said her voice is “too old”.

Sawalha, 51, voiced the main character of Ginger in the original 2000 Aardman film, but has apparently been told that she will be replaced by a younger actress in the new film.

After posting a statement on Twitter, Sawalha told fans that she had been “pinched, stuffed and roasted,” after being informed by email that she would not resume her role in the new film.

Sawalha was apparently informed that her voice was “too old” for the role
Chicken Run is the most profitable stop motion animated film of all time

“The reason they gave is that my voice now sounds” too old “and they want a young actress to take over the role,” she wrote.

“Usually, in these circumstances, an actress would have the opportunity to do a voice test to determine the adequacy of their tone and tone, but I did not have this opportunity.

“I’m passionate about my work and I don’t come down without a fight, so I did my own voice test at home and sent it to the producers. ”

She added: “Today I received a very kind and thoughtful response from one of the creators, describing his decision, including saying:” Some of the voices (not yours, I agree) seem definitely older. ”

“However, they said, ‘We will go ahead to redefine Ginger’s voice.’ ”

“I went to great lengths to prove to the production that my voice was almost the same as in the original film.

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“If they will use some of the original actors … let’s be frank, I think I was unjustly rejected.

“To say that I am devastated and furious would be an understatement.

“I feel totally helpless, something in all of this does not sound entirely true. ”

Sawalha’s statement is also linked to the video of her reading for the role, based on extracts from the original film.

It is also understood that the character cast by Mel Gibson, Rocky, will also be recast, apparently for the same reason.

Chicken Run is the most profitable stop motion animated film of all time and the sequel will be released by Netflix, it appears next year.

Netflix declined to comment on Ms. Sawalha’s statement. Sky News has contacted Aardman Animations.


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