Chelsea await Champions League qualification to apply for Havertz


Bayer Leverkusen midfielder, striker and prodigy Kai Havertz (probably) wants Champions League football, just like Chelsea. This could be a reason we’re going to focus on getting there first, before making the right choice for the 21-year-old, according to an ESPN report today.

The other reason may be strictly financial, with the expected windfall in cash coming on top of Chelsea’s warlord and helping to fund Havertz’s move. Bayer Leverkusen is still seeking around £ 90million amid a pandemic which has already severely depressed the transfer market. Chelsea are hoping to strike a deal around £ 70-75million instead, perhaps with a few bonuses included as well.

These details will need to be worked out if (and when?) Chelsea sit down to negotiate. All the more reason to confirm our ranking in the top four, which we could do with a win tomorrow at Anfield, or a home win against Wolves on Sunday.


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