Chefs Announce Subscription Plan For 2020 Season


In anticipation of the National Football League guidelines issued to clubs regarding stadium configuration changes and reduced capacity due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, chiefs have announced a plan that provides the most flexibility and flexibility. ‘benefits to subscribers for what will be an unprecedented NFL season in 2020.

Since the club cannot correctly reinstall the entire subscription base on a limited number of seats, all members of the subscription will automatically have their 2020 credit credited for the 2021 season without any action on their part. Keeping their payment as credit around 2021 includes the following benefits:

  • STMs will be automatically included in a single game presale for all seats available in 2020, once the final capacity has been determined.
  • Their credit can be used to purchase tickets for a 2020 season game with reduced capacity, if they wish.
  • They will receive their 2020 subscription box with exclusive gifts.
  • The STM prices will remain unchanged for 2021 and they will accumulate one year of STM tenure for the 2020 season, whether or not they participate in games in 2020.
  • In the event that the club is authorized to welcome a full capacity crowd for potential eliminatory matches, STMs that have not opted for a refund will have the first opportunity to purchase their seats.
  • Parking or hospitality passes purchased as part of a season pass can be managed just like tickets – either in credit for 2021 or full refund, if requested.

Subscription members who wish to receive a full refund against a 2021 credit can choose to do so by contacting their ticket representative by phone or email. Although those who choose to receive a refund will not be eligible for the above benefits in 2020, they will still receive a 2021 renewal for their same subscription (s) and will maintain their tenure.

“Locals and people around the world are getting used to an ever-changing environment, and so are all of us in the Kingdom of Chefs,” said Chefs President Mark Donovan. “While our goal during the off season was to have a full stadium as we begin our defense of the Super Bowl title, it is with the health and safety of our fans, employees, coaches and players in mind that we are moving forward with a reduced capacity plan. which respects local guidelines and expert recommendations. As we looked for ways to navigate this unusual season, our first priority was to offer a fair and flexible plan to our loyal and valued members of the subscription, and we believe we have succeeded. to be a different experience for everyone, we look forward to welcoming fans to Arrowhead this fall. ”

Due to the inability to accommodate all members of subscriptions, there is no way to accommodate buyers who have already obtained tickets for a game. All tickets for a match purchased on the main market will automatically be reimbursed for the payment method. For all tickets purchased on a resale market, ticket buyers will need to visit the market used to examine their options. Parking cards for a part already purchased through the team will be automatically reimbursed at the payment method as well.

The club will announce and hold a sale for a reduced-capacity game once the final number of available seats has been determined on the advice of the NFL, as well as representatives of local authorities and public health experts . Season pass members who keep their 2020 funds as credit for 2021 will have the first access to purchase tickets for a game in order of priority, based on their seniority. This subscription member process will be done via password-protected online accounts. All remaining tickets for a single match will be offered to the public after presale of season ticket members.

When tickets for a reduced capacity game go on sale to members of the subscription and the general public, it is likely that the club will only sell tickets for the pre-season and the first games of the regular season. Throughout the season, the club will follow the advice of local officials and public health experts, with the goal that local regulations allow for increased capacity later in the season. Any changes that increase capacity throughout the season would provide more fans with the opportunity to purchase match tickets in more areas.

Beyond the NFL stadium configuration changes, the club continues to work closely with the NFL, representatives from the University of Kansas health system, Populous, as well as local government officials and experts. public health on additional capacity and operational adjustments for the safety of all fans. , staff, coaches and players. All aspects of the gaming experience for the upcoming season – including parking, tailgating, guest service, catering and stadium operations – are being evaluated and will be announced before the start of the game. season.


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