Charities to Limit Spending on Social Platforms that Publish Hate Speech | Social media


A group of UK charities has threatened to limit spending on social media engagement if platforms like Facebook don’t attack hate speech.

Some 37 charities – including Barnardo’s, Mind and Parkinson’s UK – are examining together how social media giants could reduce hate speech on their sites.

This comes as a growing list of global companies, including Starbucks, Coca-Cola and Unilever, have stopped advertising on Facebook because of what they call its failure to resist hate speech.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has been criticized for failing to act, keeping a message from Donald Trump, in which the president said “when looting begins, filming begins” during protests across the United States about the death of George. Floyd.

Many UK charities today said they would recommend changes social media sites should make, adding that they would not tolerate discrimination of any kind given their voice on online platforms.

In a joint statement, they said, “As charities, we recognize that these platforms have a role to play in allowing us to connect with supporters and beneficiaries from all walks of life. But we also know that too little is being done to prevent the publication of messages inciting hatred and violence.

“No one should have to see these messages in their everyday lives, especially not when trying to access continuous information and support. We believe it is time for social media platforms to be better and improved by the people who use them. It is time for them to take action to make their platforms more inclusive, a place of connection and debate, not of hatred. “

The statement added, “Together, we will take stock of what’s going on, reducing our spending on social media where we can, without affecting our ability to provide vital services.” “

Les autres signataires incluent Friends of the Earth, Help for Heroes, Teach First et Pancreatic Cancer UK.


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