Champions League draw: classify their chances (Atalanta> Madrid)


the the draw was made. Man City is in the middle of the field and Atalanta v Paris Saint-Germain looks like a doozy…

We ranked their odds, from the least wanted to our favorite.

12) Chelsea
3-0 after first leg at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea has no chance. Frankly, Frank Lampard would likely suffer a close loss at the Allianz Arena if it were offered to him now.

11) Naples
With Dries Mertens on the side, you never know. He scored a magnificent goal against Barcelona in the first leg, but the equalization of Antoine Griezmann means that Barcelona have an away goal before the second at Camp Nou. And if the French can continue this kind of liaison game with Lionel Messi, Napoli is in trouble…

10) Lyon
The French defended courageously in the first leg to take a 1-0 lead in Turin, but were under pressure for large sections of the match. Not playing competitive football since the beginning of March will also be a disadvantage, especially since the ridiculous strength of Juventus in depth means that there is very little risk of burnout for them.

The first leg was one of only two times that Maurizio Sarri’s team failed to score in 42 games, and they have scored 17 in six games since. Juventus will to score at home, so Lyon will have to score again. An outside goal might make it interesting, but it seems unlikely.

9) Real Madrid
They will have to do something quite special for Etihad. 2-1 at home against a Pep Guardiola team is never a good position to be. That being said, the pedigree in the Champions League still on their team is ridiculous. If anyone could do it, it could be them.

8) Atalanta
Gian Piero Gasperini’s bloody team scores goals. They have scored eight goals in two games by beating Valencia in the past 16 games and hitting teams for seven times three times this season. They face Paris Saint-Germain probably in a draw for the quarterfinals. Let’s face it, Atalanta’s next game is always the one to watch.

7) RB Leipzig
They have beaten Tottenham on two legs in the last 16 games, and Julian Nagelsmann has made them play very entertaining football. Atletico Madrid is probably the only team they didn’t want to face. Their high lead and their energetic attackers could well be neutralized by Diego Simeone’s low block. Just ask Jurgen and his Liverpool trio. In fact, don’t do it; they are very angry.

6) Juventus
Maurizio Sarri is on the verge of winning his first championship title and the ninth in a row for Juventus. But like Guardiola in Man City, the main goal this season was the Champions League. That’s why they bought Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese legend has scored only twice in the competition so far this season, which may be a sign of his diminishing ability, but certainly a worrying sign for his opponents for the rest of the tournament. The fact that the outcome of this campaign will be played in an international tournament-style block should represent an additional danger for those who may face the greatest great game player of all time.

5) Barcelona
They should pass Napoli and advance to the quarterfinals, but they are in the much more difficult part of the print run. Bayern Munich awaits them in the quarterfinals if they qualify, and possibly Manchester City or Juventus in the semifinals. Now it’s a team that relies more than ever on Messi, and even the may find it difficult to lead them through consecutive matches against such quality opposition.

4) Paris Saint-Germain
Would this be their year? Probably not, they will probably find a way to fuck him completely, but the draw was nice. The Atalanta, despite all its offensive fervor, is not great at the back, and PSG has ridiculous options at the front. If Neymar and Kylian Mbappe don’t understand you, Mauro Icardi, Pablo Sarabia or Edinson Cavani will surely do it. And this season, they have Idrissa Gueye, who could just be calm amidst the inevitable chaos will follow at some point in the rest of their campaign.

That being said, we are just as likely to see Neymar crying seated, head in hands after a ridiculous culmination of events that sees them throw him again. And it would be funny again.

3) Atletico Madrid

“In the hypothetical hypothesis where the Champions League was not played for the coronavirus, it is the champion who beat the champion. “

This was the view of Enrique Cerezo, president of Atletico Madrid, who – without a hint of irony – suggested that his club should receive the Champions League trophy if the competition could not be finished because they beat Liverpool, who won it the previous season. A totally solid logic which, if applied to previous years, would mean that Shakhtar Donetsk would have been champion of a pandemic season 2012/13, for having beaten the holders of Chelsea and Benfica, the beneficiaries of a world catastrophe in 2005 / 06, for their Last 16 triumphs over Liverpool.

Either way, they’re going to have to play all of these sacred games to win the trophy. And with this draw, they must be among the favorites. Simeone and Diego Costa banging their breasts and wincing until the final would be fun, right?

2) Manchester City
They are Kevin de Bruyne take control of their remaining matches as he did in the first leg against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu, Man City will go all the way. He is the best midfielder in the world, and no one can manage him in this form.

The club should find out by the Champions League restart if they will compete again next season. The Lausanne Sports Arbitral Tribunal (CAS) is expected to give its verdict on Monday on the city’s appeal against the two-year ban. And whether a failed call will be an unwanted extra motivation or burden for a team that already feels the pressure more than most Europeans remains to be seen.

Either way, it could be their best chance.

1) Bayern Munich
They are in the difficult side of the draw, but they have the best team.

They have scored 27 goals in seven Champions League games, taught a lesson at Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and assis Spurs down for 7 (seven) hours of dictation at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Robert Lewandowski is the top scorer in the Champions League with 11 (one every 48 minutes), and the second best remaining in the competition is Serge Gnabry with six (one every 78 minutes). Great firepower.

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