Cases of active coronavirus in Canada drop as Quebec changes recovery criteria


TORONTO – Without explaining its new criteria, Quebec announced a spectacular increase in the number of COVID-19 cases “recovered” in the province and a new system to measure them. As of Friday, 23,686 people were recorded as recently recovered. The new undisclosed system reduces the number of active cases in Canada by more than 80%.

Thursday, 27,603 active cases were reported across the country, but Friday’s announcement in Quebec brings the total number of active cases in Canada to just 4,058.

The change comes after weeks of recovery in Quebec lagging behind other provinces, active cases still exceeding 25,000. The daily recovery rate varied from 49 on Monday to 156 on Thursday.

There are now only 1,556 active files in Quebec.

We do not know what has changed in the province’s criteria for designating a case as “recovered” since the Quebec health authorities did not provide an explanation of their methodology before and after the new wave. Last month, the province backed down on its announcement not to provide daily updates on the number of new cases after officials have been investigated and called for transparency.


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