Cardi B undergoes skin whitening on the genitals


Rapper Cardi B gave fans a sincere look at his extensive beauty routine after documenting a skin whitening session on his genitals.

Hitmaker I Like It insists that she is generally not a fan of the controversial lightening treatments used by some people of color, but she finds it necessary on certain parts of her body.

On Monday, she explained while revealing posts on her Instagram Story timeline while receiving an internal visit from her esthetician, Fatima, at the AFL Beauty Bar travel spa.

“I’m bleaching my f—— cootie cat,” the hip-hop star revealed, sharing video footage of his legs in the middle of the procedure.

“I’m in my crib to whiten my vagina, my armpits to whiten, because you know sometimes we shave quickly and everything and that makes your vagina a little dark and everything.”

“I don’t believe in body bleaching,” continued the former stripper, “I just believe in like your armpits, or like your vagina, maybe your a——. I like my brown one——. But yes, like, totally, I am whitening my vagina. ”

Cardi, who is married to the rapper from Migos Offset, also chronicled a hair removal session later that day, as she had her upper lip waxed on camera, making her cringe and scream. pain.

Rapper Cardi B posted a video showing his waxed upper lip on his Instagram page.

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