Canucks nightclub address


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A video posted on Instagram shows a Canucks striker in a nightclub without mask or physical distance.Jake Virtanen can be seen in the video at the Celebrities Nightclub in Davie near Burrard Streets.

In a statement to NEWS 1130, the Canucks say the situation has been “dealt with internally”.

“Jake is not yet in phase 2 of the NHL return to play plan, nor in quarantine. He will be tested before joining the team for any training, “the statement said.

According to the NHL protocol, “Players are allowed to return to the NHL Club training facilities for individual training activities in small groups.”

“In addition, clubs are not allowed to require players to return to their hometown so that they can meet a quarantine requirement in time to participate in phase 2.”

Team training began Tuesday at the Rogers Arena.

Some Twitter users have turned to the social media platform to condemn Virtanen’s actions while some defend it.

The video is no longer on Instagram.

Wednesday afternoon, “Jake Virtanen” was trending on Twitter.

Earlier this year, Virtanen was lashed out online for filming while driving while dressed in Canucks gear.


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