Cannot be filmed due to a new quarantine exemption


The Sunday Culture Telegraph understands that the Culture Secretary has told Tom Cruise that he may resume filming the latest Mission: Impossible movies due to a new exemption from the Covid-19 quarantine rules.The guidelines to be released this week will exempt essential actors and teams working on international films and “high-end” television productions from the 14-day isolation requirement for those traveling from many countries abroad .

According to the rules, exempted persons will have to operate in a “bubble” comprising only their place of accommodation and production – preventing them from going to public places such as pubs.

This decision comes after the shooting of the seventh and eighth episodes of Mission: Impossible in neutral following the Covid-19 epidemic and the lock-out in the United Kingdom.

The cast and crew had previously been forced to suspend filming in Venice, following protests in Italy in February.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden reportedly spoke to Cruise last week about how the new exemption would allow the shooting of Mission: Impossible 7 and 8 to resume at Warner Bros. Studios. Leavesden in Hertfordshire.

Cruise allegedly flew to the UK last month, hours before the original travel quarantine came into effect. The government released a list of 74 countries and territories exempt from the rules on Friday, including many EU states but not the United States.

Dowden said, “The world’s largest blockbusters and high-end television shows are made in Britain.

“Our creativity, our expertise and our very successful tax breaks for our screen industries mean that we are a site in demand which, in turn, offers excellent returns for our economy.

“We want the industry to rebound and to exempt a small number of key quarantine players and crews from our continued commitment to get the cameras back on track safely.”

“This is good news not only for moviegoers, but for the thousands of people employed in the film industries and the sectors they support. “


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