Canadians say new high-tech wind turbines are the most energy-efficient energy source in the world accused of fraud in the United States


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Not to say that there aren’t any innovative ideas in the plans, but a careful observer might wonder why there is only one fan in a large factory building other things. Or why so many people involved in the turbine examination are wearing dark sunglasses in an indoor factory. Or why qualifying words like “my gut says” are included in a sales pitch.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission also asked numerous questions and, in response, filed charges against Thunderbird Power Corp., an Arizona-based company, and three officials for allegedly defrauding investors.

Thunderbird chairman Anthony Goldstein of Pickering just east of Toronto and John Alexander van Arem, 62, who goes by the first name “Lex” and lives in Toronto, listed as a consultant, have been indicted along with the CEO of Thunderbird, Richard Hinds, 67, of Arizona.


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