Cambridge Scientists Fear Second Wave Of Coronavirus As ‘R’ Rate Rises Across UK


Niall Dickson, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, which represents hospitals and other health services, said on Wednesday senior officials were extremely worried about an impending increase in cases.He told the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Coronavirus: ‘I would say in regards to the second peak issue … the levels of concern among our members – the people who run the NHS trusts, who run primary care and at all levels. in systems – is very high.

“I mean, of course, there is real concern about the winter and the aggravating factors there, but also about an earlier peak. ”

Scientists said lifting lockdown measures meant Britain was now “facing a return to community transmission.”

Professor Jose Vazquez-Boland, president of infectious diseases at the University of Edinburgh, said further spikes in incidence were likely to come.

He said: “What we are facing is a return to community transmission after the lockdowns are removed. We need to be clear that the effectiveness of lockdowns is only temporary. There will be a resurgence of new cases every time the social restraint measures are lifted. as long as the virus remains in circulation. ”

Cambridge estimates suggest around 3,000 new infections per day, up from the current moving daily average of 725, which rose steadily from a low of 546 on July 5.

Scientists also predict between 43 and 84 daily deaths by mid-August. The seven-day moving average is currently 66 deaths per day.


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