Cam Newton: I’m tired of being humble


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Quarterback Cam Newton shared some of his thoughts through Instagram videos this offseason and getting a deal with the Patriots didn’t cause him to change his habits.

Newton’s latest videos were released on Sunday evening and were captioned with a “note to yourself” that included “you’re awesome” and “you’re the lion”. In the video, Newton developed the theme by saying that he was “tired of being humble”.

“I am tired of all these humble s – t,” said Newton. “Because, when you are humble, they start to take advantage of you. When you say nothing, they start to take advantage of you. Hyenas can do it all, elephants can do it all, giraffes, antelopes, chimpanzees, even gorillas. But there is an animal m———– g in the jungle and when it roars, everything stops. And I’m about to m ———– g roar. ”

It’s a cliché to say that being released by the Panthers and lingering on the open market until he accepts a one-year incentive contract provided Newton with a chip on his shoulder , but the easy label is sometimes the most suitable to apply to the situation.


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