Calories on pints and bottles of wine to fight obesity target alcohol


Research also shows that obesity increases the risk of dying from Covid-19 by 40 percent, while a BMI of 40 or more increases the risk by 90 percent. The researchers said that excess fat can affect the respiratory system and is likely to affect inflammatory and immune function.Research shows that just being overweight (a BMI of 25 or more) increases the risk of ICU admission with Covid-19 by 50 percent, with the danger increasing up to four times at a BMI of 40.

Health activists hailed the direction of government policies.

Tam Fry, National Obesity Forum, called for the swift introduction of change, in a bid to deal with a growing crisis. He said: “They will all be fiercely opposed by commercial interests, just as they have been over the past twenty years as obesity rates have risen. ”

The food and beverage industry has expressed deep concern.

Kate Nicholls, managing director of UK hospitality, said putting a specific number of calories on menus that change regularly will cost companies around £ 40,000 each time they change.

She said: “At this point, imposing these mandatory costs on the industry will only cripple it as it goes through a very fragile recovery. Now is not the time to impose more regulatory and financial burdens. “


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