California overtakes New York to record highest number of coronavirus cases in US


California reported the highest number of coronavirus infections of any US state on Wednesday, overtaking New York, as the pandemic continues to hammer the western state with nearly 415,000 confirmed cases.State health officials said of the 413,576 people infected, 7,870 have died since the outbreak began, with the virus killing 115 people on Tuesday alone.

The total number of cases is about 4,700 more than the total number of infections in New York City, which became an epicenter of America’s coronavirus crisis in the spring.

The total death toll of 25,068 in New York remains the highest in the country. But the state has seen a huge drop in the number of new cases and deaths from Covid-19 in the past two months.

Officials stressed that when comparing the numbers, one must take into account that California has the largest population in the country – nearly 40 million people – more than double that of New York.


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