Buster Posey of the Giants undecided as to play; cites Covid risk


SAN FRANCISCO – Buster Posey joined the Giants at training camp on Saturday, but he does not rule out the possibility of spending the season as the COVID-19 pandemic continues in the county and the world.Although Posey did not indicate that such an option was likely, he said on a videoconference on Saturday that he had considered such a decision before his arrival and would continue to assess the safety of the game.

“I thought about it and talked about it a lot with my wife,” said Posey. “I think there are still reservations on my part. I think I want to see how things are progressing here over the next two weeks. ”

“I think you’d be a bit naive or stupid not to assess what’s going on around you – not only here, but paying attention to what’s going on in different parts of the country. [It’s] obviously unprecedented times right now. ”

To date, five players from the MLB squads have retired from the season, the Diamondbacks pitcher Mike Leake, nationals Ryan Zimmerman and Joe Ross, Rockies outfielder Ian Desmond and Dodgers David Price. Los Angeles starting pitcher and former Cy Young Award winner announced his decision on Saturday afternoon.

“I would be surprised if you asked any player, if they gave you a hard line,” No way, I’m never going to withdraw, “said Posey.

“Buster and I chatted today. We had a great conversation, “said Giants manager Gabe Kapler. “He gives a great example of talking openly about his position on things. It is a very personal decision and whatever Buster decides to do, I and the organization will support. ”

Posey took part in live batting practice on Saturday, pointing out that he is close to the referees and hitters, making him arguably the only baseball player who is not naturally socially distanced .

“To some extent, you have to trust some of the tests,” said Posey. “Obviously it won’t be bulletproof, but I know the medical staff are taking extreme measures to make sure the guys get tested every other day. ”

[You] understand that there is a risk inherent in this. But … I don’t know what you would do from the receiver’s point of view apart from wearing a mask while you catch it and I don’t know how realistic it is. ”

Posey said on Saturday that he stayed in the Bay Area during the break during the baseball break and praised the way California political leadership has handled the pandemic. He also stated that no one in his family had taken COVID-19 to date. His absence from the Giants’ first day of camp was a family affair.

“Everything is fine,” he said.


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