BTS announces new English single



Photo: He was arrested (Getty Images)

Americans are having a hard time, with our president and… in fact, you can pin just about anything that goes wrong anywhere on him, but we can always count on BTS to shine a light in the dark. As reported by Pitchfork, the unstoppable Korean boy band announced today that the first single from their upcoming studio album will not only be available on August 21, but will be performed in English. The track doesn’t have a name, but a post on BTS’s community site says it’s ‘upbeat’ and the band initially recorded an English version that the members thought ‘sounded perfect’ so they decided. to just release this version. like “something totally new and fresh.” The group also says they know people have been going through tough times because of the virus and that they wanted to “share positive energy” as soon as they could. Japanese language of BTS Soul Map: 7 – The Journey was released earlier this month, and this English single will be the first track released from the band’s upcoming album (also untitled).


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