Bruce Smith’s wild answer to “Family Feud” goes viral


Former NFL star Bruce Smith appeared on Family quarrel Sunday evening and one of its responses goes viral.

Smith, 57, appeared on Sunday night in a famous episode of the popular game show. The Hall of Fame defender probably wants one of his answers.

The question: “If Captain Hook made moonlight as a handyman, he could replace his hook with which tool?”

Smith initially replied “a hammer” but it had already been given. So Smith gave up another answer: “A ps. ”

Steve Harvey accepted the answer for a second, before realizing what Smith had said.

” What did he say? Said Harvey.

We don’t know what was funnier – Smith’s wild response or Harvey’s perfect reaction to it.

« I don’t think I laughed for a long time like I just did at Celebrity Family Feud .. if the legend of Virginia Tech Bruce Smith is not yet trendy on twitter .. it will be soon » Family quarrel viewer tweeted.

“OK .. It seems random. But search here for “Bruce Smith Family Feud”. An instant classic, ”tweeted Chris Fowler of ESPN.

We might be without a lot of live sports at the moment, but at least we have Family quarrel to entertain us.


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