Bronx unemployment rate close to 25% in June, highest in New York during Covid-19


The state’s unemployment rate was 15.6%. Nationally, the rate was around 11%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.A May report from the Center for an Urban Future warned that the city’s outlying boroughs would face larger job losses from the pandemic due to fields in which residents commonly work. Less than 10% of Upper East Side residents work in industries where layoffs have occurred. was most prevalent – restaurants, hotels, retail and personal care services – with 27% of residents of Elmhurst, Queens, and 24% of the Bronx neighborhood of Norwood work in these areas, according to the report.

Jonathan Bowles, executive director of the think tank, said Tuesday’s data provides “further evidence that the economic effects of this crisis – just like the health impacts – have not been felt equally across the city. ”

“It’s incredibly alarming that about one in four Bronx residents are unable to find work right now,” Bowles said. “We are going to see a massive increase in poverty there, unless unemployment benefits are extended.”

The Bronx had the city’s highest unemployment rate before the pandemic. It was 5.2% in June 2019, but the rate has increased year over year at a faster rate than Manhattan, which was 3.5% unemployment in June.


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