British Vogue editor victims of racial profile by magazine security guard | Race


British Vogue editor says he was racially profiled after being told to “use the loading dock” by a security guard as he entered the offices from the magazine.

Edward Enninful, who is black, has been the editor of the fashion magazine since 2017. He said the incident happened as he entered his office on Wednesday.

“Today, I was the victim of racial profiling by a security guard when I entered my workplace. I was asked to use the charging bay. Simply because our deadlines and weekends are returning to normal, we cannot let the world return to what it was. Change has to happen now. “

Enninful, who was awarded an OBE in 2016 for its diversity services in the fashion industry, said Condé Nast, owner of British Vogue, “acted quickly” to fire the security guard following of the incident.

In an Instagram post with a million followers, he said, “It just shows that no matter what you have accomplished in your life: the first thing some people will judge you is the color of your skin. ”

It comes as a global movement demands fair treatment for blacks. The Black Lives Matter movement was galvanized after George Floyd became the last of a long line of blacks to die in police custody in the United States, with heartbreaking images showing him imploring and fearing for his life while an officer knelt down.

In the UK, increased public attention to the issue has led to a greater focus on allegations of longstanding racial profiling by the police and others.


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