British drunk arrested in Mallorca for “coughing at people and saying he had a coronavirus” – World News


A drunk Briton avoided Majorca prison after deliberately coughing on guests and pretending that he had a coronavirus.The disturbing incident occurred Monday evening around 11 p.m. in the tourist district of Santa Catalina in Palma.

The 43-year-old anonymous agent had drunk and harassed several people in several bars and restaurants, according to police from the national police.

When the police were called, the man reportedly fled the scene but was chased by the police before becoming violent.

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Santa Catalina is a popular area for tourists (file photo)

After a fight, he was arrested and taken into custody, where he was then tested negative for the coronavirus, according to Mallorca newspaper.

Local media reported that he would face a heavy fine and a prison sentence if he tested positive and could have been charged with causing bodily harm.

He was released after a court appearance on Tuesday, but could still face sanctions.

The incident is the latest involving British holidaymakers hosed down on the holiday island.

A hundred additional police officers have been recruited to Mallorca to help maintain order at stations like Magaluf after weekend hotspots in the party town.

Party people apparently ignored social distancing, and some were fined for rowdy behavior following incidents on the infamous Punta Ballena strip of Magaluf.

It is feared that this excessive behavior will rekindle the Covid-19 pandemic which has been largely eradicated in the Balearic Islands.

Police reinforcements have now been dispatched to Palma, the island’s capital, to assist local forces.

The mayor of Palma, Jose Hila, said: “Health continues to be a priority, a relapse would be very bad for the economy.

“I want to send an energetic message against hostile attitudes. We will be energetic, good work cannot be left to nothing. “


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