British Coronavirus Live: More “Timely and Reliable” Information Needed for Local Closures, Doctors Say | Politics


Hello. My name is Helen Pidd and I will keep the live blog warm until Andrew Sparrow wakes up later this morning.This is the second day of the UK’s first local lockdown in Leicester, prominent doctors urging the government to provide boards with accurate and up-to-date data to manage localized peaks, 101 days after the national lockdown.

The British Medical Association (BMA) said local authorities need “up-to-date, complete and reliable information” for everyone involved in handling new cases locally.

The mayor of Leicester complained that he did not receive a full picture of the local infection profiles until Thursday. So far, the government has not released detailed results of so-called “pillar 2” tests conducted in driving test centers and completed by mail.

The BMA also called for clarifying how regional peaks will be managed in the future.

BMA Council President Dr Chaand Nagpaul said: “The Prime Minister has spoken of a ‘tap a mole’ strategy to fight local epidemics, but it is useless if the people leading the response in the field – whether public health teams or local leaders – do not receive the most up-to-date data possible.

“This is crucial to enable rapid action and to protect lives and health services, and something that is not happening right now. This is all the more important as the “cutting edge” test and tracking application is not in place, which means that leaders and local teams with up-to-date information will be essential to contain the spread of epidemics. ”

Before new foreclosure restrictions were relaxed this weekend, the BMA made a series of demands from the government.

These include the use of defined “metric trigger points” during which steps will be taken to reintroduce local and national restrictions, which would take into account the regional reproduction rate – known as the R rate – as well than the level of infections in the communities.


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