British bishop urges UK and France to tackle migrant canal crossings


Bishop Paul Aleenan urges UK and French governments to address underlying reasons people risk their lives crossing the Channel

By Vatican NewsUK Senior Bishop for Migrants and Refugees, Most Reverend Paul McAleenan, calls on the UK and French governments to work together to remove the underlying reasons that see many migrants risking their lives in an attempt to cross the Channel to get to Great Britain.

Recently, Interior Minister Priti Patel met with her French counterpart, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, to discuss ways to fight against illegally facilitated crossings of the Channel by small boats.

As a result, the two ministers signed a declaration of intent.

The document agreed that a Franco-British operations research unit would target the network of criminal gangs behind migrant smuggling.

Bishop McAleenan said in his post Tuesday that: “Their goal must be to determine why so many people choose to flee their homelands and use their influence to eradicate the underlying reasons why these same people people are ready to risk their lives on the high seas. ”

Bishop McAleenan also stressed that the protection of vulnerable people must be a priority.

“Surely, two countries that pride themselves on being progressive and enlightened will see that the well-being of those in need is vital. The protection of people must be at the forefront of their thinking. “


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