British Airways must have no slots, MEPs ask


Conservative MP Huw Merriman, Chair of the House of Commons Transportation Committee, led criticism of BA and Locked Horns with IAG General Manager Willie Walsh about the job cuts.Mr. Merriman, one of 15 Conservative MPs supporting a slot machine review, called BA “national shame” over his handling of the crisis.

Walsh said, “It’s not a shame. To lie down and surrender without fighting would be a shame and we will not do it. ”

Sharon Graham, Executive Director of Unite, said, “BA’s actions should have consequences. The company is essentially creating an unrecognizable airline – it shouldn’t automatically control more than half of the landing slots at Heathrow. It is simply wrong for BA to continue to have privileged access to legacy landing slots when its workforce is sacrificed for the benefit of IAG shareholders. ”

BA boss Alex Cruz warned that “every lost niche will result in the permanent loss of jobs at BA”.

A spokesperson for British Airways said: We are taking action now to protect as many jobs as possible. The airline industry is facing the most profound structural change in its history, as well as a severely weakened global economy.

“We call on Unite and GMB to consult us on our proposals, as does our pilot union, Balpa. By working together, we can protect more jobs as we prepare for a new future. “


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