Britain and France join forces to stop human smuggling | News


Priti Patel and his French counterpart have signed an agreement to create a “common intelligence unit” to fight against migrants crossing the Channel.

The Minister of the Interior met with GĂ©rald Darmanin, the French Minister of the Interior, to discuss information sharing.

French authorities yesterday prevented approximately 200 migrants from crossing the Strait of Dover and the Home Office said Britain had intercepted almost as many.

Lifeboat brings sick migrants to Dover after discovery at seaSTEVE FINN

A search and rescue operation was launched as the Border Force and agencies, including the Coast Guard and the Kent Police, responded to several incidents off the British coast.

Kayaks and small inflatables are among the fragile vessels that have been used to attempt the perilous voyage.

Patel said that “despite all the measures taken to date by law enforcement – intercepting boats, making arrests,


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