Brighton moves closer to safety with relegation victory over Norwich


There are many explanations for Norwich’s problems. Injuries, resources, firepower. No one is particularly surprised at their difficulty and there will be no great dismay or introspection within the club if (or even when) they are relegated.At the same time, however, it’s hard to avoid the feeling that this group of players could be better than it was after the resumption of the league. Talent is not lacking at the club, with Jamal Lewis, Max Aarons and Ben Godfrey which interest all the teams much higher on the table. Cantwell will also draw attention, while Emiliano Buendia is a creative player with considerable gifts. Some of his touches here, including an outrageous nutmeg on Mooy, demonstrated his ability on the ball.

These players will generate money for the club this summer, especially since Norwich has no plans to sell them at low prices. Norwich will reinvest, rebuild and leave. Relegation would be a disappointment, of course, but not a disaster. It’s just a shame that they haven’t been able to shoot any meaningful shots since they came back to action.

The credit must go to Brighton for controlling the first half and canceling the threat of attack from Norwich. When Norwich created an opening after the break, with Buendia shooting fiercely towards the goal, Lewis Dunk set off on the way. Lewis played in a nice cross a few minutes later, but not a single Norwich player attacked the ball. Farke’s annoyance was evident on the sidelines.

In those moments after the break, Norwich was causing problems in Brighton. Farke tried to turn the screw, sending Cantwell, Pukki and the young Idah to 25 minutes from the end. Despite the new attacking faces, Norwich had the same problem that another inviting center was allowed to sink to the goal line. The effort was there, but not the quality. Idah’s severed head bounced at the end, and the end was near for Norwich.


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