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These comments following the latest round of negotiations last week are in stark contrast to his pessimistic public assessment of Britain’s stubborn positions on fishing and the so-called “level playing field” guaranteed fair competition. But Mr Barnier said in a closed-door meeting, sources present speaking to Reuters said: “I remain convinced that a balanced and lasting deal is still possible, even if it is less ambitious.” He added that the UK now appears more interested in pursuing only a “low quality, low profile case”.

Brussels continues to push for a far-reaching deal in a comprehensive treaty, but the UK is seeking a simpler free trade deal and a separate deal on several other issues.The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator said a recent meeting with Boris Johnson had convinced him the PM still wanted a deal, although he insisted the UK was prepared at the prospect of not having an agreement at all.

Brussels refuses to back down on several red lines, with the EU’s demand for its fishermen to have access to British waters after Brexit being a key stumbling block.

Mr Barnier said that if the EU finally recognizes Britain’s desire to be an independent coastal state, it is “quite simply unacceptable” that the UK demands “an almost total exclusion of fishing vessels from EU British Waters ”.

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The Brussels negotiator also said “no progress” had been made on equal opportunities and accused the UK of refusing to commit to maintaining high standards and of avoiding undermining the bloc in areas such as climate, environment, labor and social law.

Britain continued to exclude the European Court of Justice (ECJ) from having any jurisdiction over its laws, and Mr Barnier acknowledged that “no role for the European Court of Justice in the UK” was one of the three red lines from Mr Johnson.

He said: “We have tried to understand how these three red lines can be squared with our commitment to a new global partnership.

“We have made progress towards the goal of a comprehensive and single institutional framework, which must include strong enforcement mechanisms. ”


9:51 a.m. update: Pound falls from four-month high against US dollar as Brexit uncertainties persist

The pound slipped from a four-month high against the US dollar as lingering Brexit uncertainties prompt hedge funds to take profits.

The British pound fell 0.3% against the dollar to $ 1.2842 after hitting its highest level since March at $ 1.2977 at the start of Asian negotiations.

The EU wants a post-Brexit trade deal with the UK to be signed by October to allow it to be ratified before the end of the year.

Sources in Brussels told Reuters that Michel Barnier said a trade deal with the UK was still possible.

ING’s Francesco Pesole said: “Looking at Barnier’s various comments, the markets are pricing with more uncertainty.

“They were probably hoping to get something a little more tangible on the EU-UK trade talks. “

9:23 am update: Remnants at war as Nicola Sturgeon pushes anti-Brexit MPs to the limit – “sick and tired!” “

The Scottish remnants are ‘tired’ of SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon saying her party can speak for everyone in Scotland on Brexit or independence.

The Prime Minister has been criticized by Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine who told TalkRADIO that Nicola Sturgeon and her party represent less than 50% of the population in Scotland and should stop pretending they can speak for everyone in the country.

The staunch anti-Brexit campaigner said she was “sick and tired” of the SNP saying it could speak for the whole country just because it “made the most noise” about independence from the Scotland and EU membership.

8:47 a.m. update: Dominic Cummings concocts huge state aid shake up after Brexit

Members of the UK government are urging a minimum regime for UK state aid after the Brexit transition period ends as informal negotiations continue this week in London.

Major Brexiteers led by the Prime Minister’s senior adviser, Dominic Cummings, oppose any legislation that would have the UK’s internal market subsidy regime governed by an independent regulator.

But a minimal approach to the regime would be contested by Brussels, which is seeking to achieve a level playing field.

Michel Barnier said that there can be no future economic partnership without “solid guarantees” on an equal footing for future trade.

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator also warned that time was “running out” for a deal after the UK failed to detail its plans for the future state aid regime.

British counterpart David Frost declined to reveal details of there being “political talks” going on in London.

8:33 am update: Brexit negotiations resume in London today

The UK and the EU are continuing informal talks on a post-Brexit trade deal in London today, following a dinner Monday night between negotiators David Frost and Michel Barnier.

Intense negotiations between the two sides have been underway for several weeks in a desperate attempt to strike a deal before the end of the transition period on December 31, 2020.

But several stumbling blocks remain, in particular around the EU’s demand for its fishermen to have access to UK waters after Brexit, and what is known as a ‘level playing field’.

8:22 am update: Scotland wants to stay linked to Europe – New law plans to force EU charter into law

Scotland is trying to stay tied to Europe by incorporating a charter that will require Scottish ministers to give councils additional powers.

A new bill will seek to integrate the European Charter of Local Self-Government into Scottish law.

The Charter, which was created in 1985 by the Council of Europe and ratified by the United Kingdom in 1997, sets out 10 principles to protect the fundamental competences of local authorities.

The Charter commits governments to applying basic rules guaranteeing the political, administrative and financial independence of local communities.

It provides that the principle and authority of local self-government must be recognized in laws and that councils must be elected by members of the public.

8:10 am update: Barnier still convinced that a Brexit deal with the UK is possible

Michel Barnier told envoys from member states in a closed-door meeting that he was convinced a post-Brexit trade deal with the UK was still possible, diplomatic sources told Reuters.

This contrasts sharply with his pessimistic public assessment that UK positions on fisheries and a level playing field of fair competition meant a deal was unlikely.

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator said at the meeting, according to sources present: “I remain convinced that a balanced and lasting deal is still possible, even if it is less ambitious.”

He added that the UK seems more interested in only concluding a “low quality and low key” deal.


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