Brexit Border Bureaucracy threatens truckers, pet owners and travelers


Johnson, who was elected with the help of many voters in lower-income neighborhoods in the north, is unlikely to be concerned about upsetting wealthy, pro-European Britons who travel with their pets to homes. vacation in rural France.

The government also announced details on Monday of a new immigration system which will be introduced next year once Britain ends the free movement of workers in the European Union.

Interior Minister Priti Patel said the system “would attract the best and the brightest in the world”, but many low-wage workers will be excluded, which has alarmed many types of employers who rely on them , including nursing homes.

But the government hopes that these employers will have to raise wages to induce the British to exercise these functions. This upward pressure on incomes could prove popular in the economically disadvantaged regions of the country, which Mr. Johnson promised to help by “boosting” prosperity.

The Prime Minister has so far paid no political punishment for taking a firm stand on Brexit, and the leader of the opposition Labor Party, Keir Starmer, has not called for an extension of the period of transition.

If the disruption to trade and travel is severe, however, criticism will certainly increase.

And the government has struggled to provide ample evidence of the opportunities it promised to leave the European Union.

“The change in tone was clear last year in the slogan of the Conservative election campaign,” said Menon. “Let’s go” to do Brexit “implies that this is something to rule out. “


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