Brexit and the British in France: information campaign in the United Kingdom


The campaign called The new departure from the UK: let’s go, aims to ensure that individuals and businesses are aware of the essential measures to be taken, most of which, according to the United Kingdom, will apply, than an agreement on “future relations” between the United Kingdom and the EU to be signed before the end of this year.The British government says it will “ensure that we are all ready to seize the opportunities available for the first time in almost 50 years as a fully sovereign United Kingdom”.

It comes because it is now considered certain that the United Kingdom will leave the transition period from January 1, 2021, because the United Kingdom has refused to extend this and the deadline for doing so has passed. During the transition period, the UK, although no longer a member of the EU, remains temporarily in the EU’s single market and customs union, protecting the country and the British from the practical effects of the Brexit.

The campaign will direct people to an online verification tool at which will help you identify the things to know based on your situation if you are a Briton who does business with the EU, a Briton who plans to travel to the EU or a Briton living in the EU.

For example, a British pensioner living in France who is driving with a British driving license and who plans to visit and drive to the UK in the future will be reminded to:

  • Get a green insurance card before driving in the UK after the transition period with your car or caravan registered in the EU. You could be fined while traveling in the UK if you do not have acceptable proof of insurance.
  • See the British government’s Living in France guide for more information on applying for residence. Otherwise, you may have to leave the country you live in, says the verification tool. Also sign up for email updates from the page.As stated on the French government’s site, the British will be able to request a special card online from October this year. However, those who will come next year will have to obtain a long-stay visa from a French consulate before coming, then apply for one of several ordinary residence cards from “third countries” depending on the working status of a prefecture. in France.

  • Exchange your British license for a French license because “you cannot drive in the EU with a British license”. [Note: it is possible, but not certain, that France will pass a decree indefinitely extending the validity of British licences in France as it did in preparation for the the no-Withdrawal Agreement deal scenario last year. However this may not resolve the problem of how to obtain an international driving permit to be able to drive in other EU countries. At present this is possible for holders of UK licences, as for holders of other EU/EEA licences, but this may not be the case after this year].

    The French government has so far released no information on the status of British licenses next year and this is not covered by the withdrawal agreement.

  • Get a French technical control made for your car, if you have not already done so, as a UK MOT certificate will not be recognized.
  • Check what you need to do to continue accessing healthcare in France. [Note: if you are resident before the end of the year, you should maintain the status quo in this respect as it is covered by the Withdrawal Agreement deal].

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